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I need a minimum of 8 students to offer this price. Email me at to let me know you are interested and what topic(s) you need help with, e.g. college algebra, precalculus, calculus, etc.


Calculus Sucks (but it doesn't have to!) | Online Math Tutor

We're an online tutoring service for all things math. We'll break it down and slow it down, so you'll not only understand how to solve your next math problem but also understand the overarching concepts of math, which will help you in life in general!


I am struggling.

What do I do?

You may be on your way to a major in engineering, mathematics, or computer science and are required to take calculus. You did fine in math courses in high school, but are now barely keeping up with materials and in danger of not passing.

When trying to understand why you're struggling in calculus, it's important to recognize that the root cause can come from many places. While this is not an exhaustive list, the issue typically falls into six main categories covered below. If any of these categories apply to you, online tutoring might be the next step to get you back on track.

6 Reasons You May Be Struggling

and how we can help

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The course and/or instructor goes too fast

It can be a shock for students shifting from high school to college to feel like courses move too quickly. There is a lot for instructors to teach in what seems like less time.

Getting extra time with online tutoring can help even the pace you learn the materials, finish homework that might have taken more time alone, and fill any gaps you missed in the lecture.


The Instructor doesn't explain well or isn't always available outside class

There are just some instructors that don't match your learning style. You may need something explained down to the very step and the instructor might assume you know how to use that new graphing calculator or how to use that software you've never used.

It can be hard to get time with your instructor and get the extra help you need. Online tutoring can give you the one-on-one time you need, when you need it and tailored to your preferred learning style.


The Textbook Is Difficult To Understand

You might be frustrated when trying to reference your text book while trying to do your homework or studying what you just learned in a lecture. Maybe it doesn't quite match up with what was taught that week or seems more difficult to understand than when you were in the lecture.

Either way, having an online tutor who knows the material can help walk you through your text book and fill in your gaps of understanding.


The test/quiz questions don’t reflect the material covered in class

Do you feel like you do well in class and on the homework, but are struggling to pass quizzes and tests?

A tutor can help with practicing solving problems faster, getting extra help on materials that were not as thoroughly covered in the lecture, or practicing solving problems of a higher difficulty.


homework problems seem more difficult than what the instructor does in class

You may find yourself able to easily solve the problems presented in the lecture later to find that the homework problems are more difficult to solve.

The problems are designed to test not just the logic you've learned in a lecture, but also your ability to recognize patterns. This isn't always easy or obvious, but can become clear with practice and repetition with an online tutor.


I’m too intimidated to ask questions in class

When you are in a new environment or starting a new course, it can be intimidating to raise your hand and ask questions. At the risk of being judged, you might refrain from asking questions that might have otherwise helped you understand the materials better.

An online tutor can give you the space and attention you might need to ask for help or clarification on things you didn't understand in class.


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