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My online rates for tutoring are…

 Single Session

  • $80 for one hour. 

  • Hourly rate decreases sharply for sessions longer than an hour. 90 minutes is only $110 total! A 2-hour session is only $130.00! 

  • This is great if you need one-on-one help with specific topics. 

  • Each session is tailored to exactly what the student wants and needs.


1 hour session

90 minutes session


90 minutes session

Online classes through Zoom

2-hour session

Online classes through Zoom


2-hour session

Online classes through Zoom

tutoring bundle:

  • Purchase five 1-hour sessions for only $300! This is 25% savings over the regular hourly rate ($80). 

  • Perfect for students who need a few hours of tutoring leading up to finals and who want to be fully prepared. 

  • Allows a student to really focus for a short duration (one hour at a time). 

  • Allows the instructor and student to establish rapport that encourages maximum results for the student.


five 1-hour sessions

Online classes through Zoom

group sessions

  • Split the cost with other students. Five students are just $20/hour each. With a small group of students with the same level of mathematics knowledge and skill, each student has an experience that closely approximates one-on-one tutoring. 

  • Tell us what you need to learn and we will create a course that will do exactly that. For example, do you want to learn Calculus I in 6 weeks? We can teach such a course and provide way more individual attention than you would ever get in a traditional college or university classroom with  30 - 40 students. Want to learn it at a slower pace? We can do that, too! We will cater to whatever your needs are to learn a subject in math.

  • Call for a Free Consultation 702-625-8900

Online classes through Zoom

About Peter McCandless and Calculus Sucks













I founded this website because I realized that so many students struggle with calculus. Without learning the subject thoroughly enough, their dreams of earning a degree in engineering or some other STEM field are doomed. Most students who aspire to earn such a degree CAN learn the subject matter, but they may have to radically change their approach. That may include going back to learn what they didn’t learn well in previous math courses, or just going at a slower pace.

I, too, struggled with calculus many years ago, but now I am a Faculty in Residence Associate Professor at the University of Nevada Las Vegas where I have been teaching for more than eight years. In all, I have more than 25 years of math teaching and tutoring experience. 

If you hire me or one of my tutors to teach you and you are not completely satisfied after the first session with the experience, I won’t charge you at all. (Hopefully if that happens, you will give me some constructive feedback.) We’ll part amicably and I will wish you all the success in your academic endeavor. 


How does online tutoring through Calculus Sucks work?


I use an ipad and Zoom. I invite the student into a Zoom meeting and “mirror” the ipad onto my screen. I share the screen then with the student. He or she can see what I’m writing in real time. At the end of the session, I send all the notes I have made to the student in .PDF format. This way the student can concentrate on the understanding the material as I present it, without having to worry about writing everything down during the tutoring session.

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call me to discuss your math needs.

Call me for a free brief consultation. Tell me what you need, e.g. One-on One Tutoring, or a specific course in math tailored to your needs.

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